Types and Uses of a Serving Platter

Although a person may not consider serving platters as being an essential part of your dishes and other pieces of your table setting, they are extremely versatile and second in functionality next to serving bowls. Serving platters can be utilized for a variety of uses inclusive of the following: – casual everyday serving of bread, burgers, or fruit – Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham – special events such as weddings or parties for serving appetizers, desserts, and refreshments A good rule of thumb is that you should purchase at least a serving platter, a serving bowl, and serving utensils when you initially purchase your dinnerware set. Manufacturers are known for discontinuing dinnerware product lines,...

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Table placemats: amazing diy projects!

Table placemats are both an aesthetic and practical addition to any household table. Placemats spruce up your table for parties and everyday meals. Whether your placemat is vinyl, cloth, natural wood or fiber, it will protect your table’s surface from scratches and other daily wear. Keeping your placemats in good condition is a matter of routine maintenance. You can make your placemats look new by immediately caring for them after a meal. Many placemats clean up with a simple damp cloth, but when stubborn stains or problems arise, there are different ways to restore that new quality feel to the placemat material.  From using all-purpose cleaners for vinyl and plastic coated to soaking fabric...

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