The Uses and Cultural Relevance of Bamboo in Asia and South East Asia

Bamboo is a giant tropical grass with hollow wood stems.  In the west when we consider the uses of bamboo, we think 80’s garden furniture and bamboo shoots eaten with our favourite Chinese Takeaway food.  In the East, bamboo is so much more.   Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant that grows at an alarming rate.  It is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and has been recorded to grow as fast as 100cm (1 meter or 39 inches) in a 24-hour period.  Because of the speed at which it grows it can be used and become available again very quickly.   Bamboo is a versatile plant and has over 1400 species...

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Bowling Warmups – Hip and Groin Stretches

If you’re about to engage in a competitive game of bowling, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to warm up. There are several quick and easy exercises you can use to get your muscles limbered up and ready to move.  Rolling a 16 pound ball down the bowling lane requires more effort than you might think, and the more prepared your body is, the less likely you are to injure yourself, by straining your muscles and joints. Bowling also can cause repetitive strain on your arms, wrists and knees. When you don’t prepare properly for this kind exertion, you make it more likely that small traumas, leading to serious injury eventually,...

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Importance of Solid Wood Flooring

Experience a new classy touch and elegant looks with the solid wood flooring. The solid wood flooring really adds aesthetics and elegance to a room. Let the attractive Solid Wood Floors bring beauty to the every corner of home. Solid Wood floorings are costly but it increases the ambience of the house, making it worthwhile. They bring warmth, comfort and liveliness to every room, and are lasting for long periods of time. You can buy solid Wood Flooring from any Wood Flooring company in UK. Wood Flooring Company in UK offers Solid Wood flooring in different appearances and a lot of choices to meet your flooring needs. Wood Flooring Company in UK offers a...

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