How to Read Faster? Use Your Hands

Many of us believe that you should not use your hands while reading. Maybe you were taught at school to read with out using hands for underlining the words and keep in track while reading. If you attended primary school 20 or more years ago, then in many schools students were told to keep their hands off the text while reading. Therefore there still exists a strong belief that if you use your fingers for pacing and keeping track, then it decreases your reading speed. Some people even think that using your hands indicates poor reading skills and an educated person will definitely not read in that way. Actually, the situation is the other...

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Confused About Bowling Terms? Learn “Must-Know” Bowling Terminology!

Ever wondered what comes after a turkey? Or what a brooklyn is? And where do bedposts come in? If you’re confused about all the bowling terminology and want to know what on earth they’re talking about down at the bowling alley, worry no more. Below is a list of some common tenpin bowling terms you’ll hear around. Back-up ball – For a right-handed bowler, a back-up ball is one which curves left to right instead of right to left. For left-hand bowlers it is the opposite. 6 bagger – A 6 bagger is 6 strikes in a row. The word bagger can be preceded by any number from three to eleven. This is oneof...

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Strand Woven Bamboo

Eco friendly and virtually industructible strand woven bamboo flooring and decking. Bamboo has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries and has gained popularity in the US flooring market over the last 5 years. Strand Woven Bamboo was developed 4 years ago as a high tech addition to the Bamboo Flooring and Exterior Decking products. Strand Bamboo products have enabled the flooring and decking products made from this special process to move ahead of all competitive species of natural wood flooring. These new Bamboo Products are relatively unknown to the US Wood Products Industry, Contractors, Big Box Firms and Consumers. Although many have heard of regular Bamboo Flooring most have no idea that this...

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