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The creative force behind Unique Finds Home Décor is Jenny Moore and Bebe Ocano. Our vision is to provide extraordinary Kitchenware and Home Décor that is both practical and unique. The Acacia Wood and Kithenware products that we offer can be used in everyday life and serve as pieces of art. Jenny and Bebe teamed up together and combined their passion, diverse backgrounds and expertise to launch Unique Finds Home Décor. Our products are truly geared to the minds and sensibilities of those who want hand crafted items and one of a kind Home Décor.

Jenny Moore has been in the Invitation Design Business since founding Moore Creative in 2002, CoutureBeachInvitations.com. Since that time, Jenny has paired her love for texture, rustic elegance and passion for hand crafted items, inspired by nature, into Home Décor and Kitchenware. Bebe Ocano has been a fabulous professional artist for the last twenty plus years. She has an eye for detail and is very talented. She loves to create hand paintings, murals, distress furniture, loves photography and more. Her artistry background has given her the ability and keen eye to select only the finest and most unique pieces into the Unique Finds Home Décor Collection.

After Bebe and Jenny both searched for hard to find and unique home décor for their own homes, they collaborated and realized that there was a need to develop a site that offers wood plates, wood kitchenware, wooden platters and home décor in a one stop shop. Our hope is that you will be able to incorporate some of our unique hand turned wood pieces and home décor into your homes. They also make fabulous gifts! With each product we offer, our clientele has discovered that our Acacia Wood Kitchenware are pieces of Art – and quality at its best.

Each product is created with an attention to detail and offered in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We pride ourselves on the skillful design not found in those mass produced. We are constantly searching and always expanding our Home Décor line to suit our clientele. We would love to hear from you!

All the best,

Jenny Moore and Bebe Ocano

Unique Finds Home Décor

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