Advice And Experience Must Be Holding Hands.

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Advice and Experience MUST be Holding Hands.

Looking back on life, advice is great. Sometimes, and it can be quite often, you come to a situation and think, ‘if I’d only listened to so and so.’
And then there are those times when you think, ‘I wish I hadn’t listened to so and so!’
My dad always used to say ‘there’s no substitute for experience,’ and I’m inclined to agree. But he meant it in the contex that you should always listen to and take the advice of older people.
While that may hold true in a lot of cases, being older myself now, I think I can put a different spin to it.

There Is no Substitute for Experience!

The experience you need is your own! Older people do offer lots of advice I’ve found, but what you have to ask yourself is; are they good for it?
They are talking the talk, and by rights they should know, but have they walked the walk? Is their advice from the benefit of their own experience? Or is just a saying that their parents passed on to them?
It is something you should always take into account when deciding on whether or not to taake that advice.
Look at their lives. My Mum for intance, was a firm believer that when you leave school, you should get yourself a trade and your set for life. She thought that the idea of being self employed was never worth the hassle.
I guess back in her days that wasn’t bad advice, but we all know that in these troubled days no one is set for life where a job is concerned.
Both my Dad and Step-Dad thought differently. My Step-Dad had spent most of his life self employed, and would never want it any other way. He was always willing to try something new! One of his favorite sayings
was; ‘You have to speculate to accumulate.’ I was quite young when I first heard this, but he explained it to me in simple terms, and I have to say it is one that I fully agree with.
And like I’ve been saying, he had the experience to back that one up. It didn’t always work well. There were failures, some big ones, but there was success as well, and all in all, I think the success outweighed the failures.
My Dad on the other hand, was just plain lazy. But he did believe in giving new things a try. I don’t remember getting much advice from him, apart from stating the obvious sometimes, which didn’t help.
And had I heard any from him, I would have had to consider it with a pinch of salt, because he never walked the walk.

Live Always with an Open Mind!

A long time ago I was having trouble with a machine. It had broke down. What kind of machine doesn’t matter. But I was stood looking at it and scratching my head. An older friend who was there at the time said I should take it apart.
Of course I looked at him blankly, I’m certainly no mechanic. What he said has stuck with me a long time. ‘You should never be afraid to try something, even if it involves taking an engine apart and putting it back together. It was built by men,
and someone had to be the first. You should always have a go.’
I guess that brings us back to trial and error. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. Speculate to accumulate.
Another thing my Step-Dad would say, was ‘he who hesitates is lost!’
The first time I heard it he was refering to a kid who started to cross the road in front of us, and then changed his mind, but instead of running back to the kerb, stopped dead in the middle of the road. I understood the meaning of that at once,
(and no, we didn’t run him over. My step-dad never drove faster than 20mph.) but I’ve since come to understand it in so many different context. It can apply to so many things.

Does Experience Only Apply to Age?

So now we’re back to taking advice from older people. The fact is that some of it is good, and some isn’t. And realistically it’s not just about the advice, it’s about the person giving it.
Is that person honest? Successful? Had a hard life and made lots of mistakes? Learned from those mistakes? It’s a lot to take in I know, but life is like that.
And though experience is generally associated with older people, (and rightly so.) it begins from the moment you start to learn to walk. Experience begins with life and continues throughout.
One thing I have learned, is that you should always keep an open mind and question everything. If you accept things simply because someone tells you that’s how it is, then you will only see one point of view, and you will miss a great deal. Always keep an open mind,
because if something can be proved wrong, someone will prove it to be wrong!
My Mum used to say, particularly when me or my Brother were being big-headed; ‘Self appraisle is no recomendation.’ And thinking about it then, I thought that to be very true. But looking at it now, I have to say there are variations to that.
If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else will do it for you. If you don’t advertise your wares, how will anyone know they are there to buy?
Judge always for yourself and trust your own experience. Live your life with an open mind and learn always from your mistakes and you won’t go far wrong.

Hope you have found this interesting and usefull. I spent much of my life trying new things and have come to the conclusion that you should never say no, or yes until you’ve at least checked it out.
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