An Enchanted Expedition In Kyoto

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An Enchanted Expedition In Kyoto The ground floor consisted of two spacious rooms elegantly arranged with wooden shelves and mounted display cases showcasing an extraordinary assemblage of lacquerware. There were exquisite soup bowls and small plates, flower containers, round … Read more on Gadling

DANH VO's Portentous Art Mother Tongue and IMUUR 2 We encounter a veritable curio shop of sheets of Chinese, Arabic, and Tibetan calligraphy, delicate fans, printed cards, books, varied bright ceramic objects, blue and white Chinese porcelain bowls, wooden Hindu goddesses, African masks, Disney … Read more on Brooklyn Rail

Chairs, tables and clocks Students find the wooden chairs/tables in their own homes, family attics, basements, flea markets and old barns. … The members of the high school Art Guild also help construct and paint the bowls, and work at the Empty Bowls table during the show.” … Read more on The Photo News

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