As climate warms, no sour grapes in France

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As climate warms, no sour grapes in France In two weeks, it will be time to harvest the red grapes, which will be sorted and stemmed by hand in wooden baskets, then pressed in buckets by bare feet to make cabernet franc. Coarse, fresh grape juice is drunk from jam jars; last year's wine is … Read more on Al Jazeera America

Easy dinner recipes: Crisp corn sticks, chile cheese corn bread and more Remove from the heat and quickly stir in the flour and cornmeal with a wooden spoon. Return the pan to low heat and continue to cook, stirring … the oven and cool the bread for 15 minutes on a rack. 5. Invert the bread onto a platter and "frost" with … Read more on Los Angeles Times

All in the details Seagulls are perched around the yard, too — some with caplin in their beaks. Inside his home, Collier keeps some of his more detailed work. Walking into his kitchen there is a wooden roasted turkey resting on a platter. It's an appropriate piece of … Read more on The Telegram

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