At Spain, Spain’s Leading Gifts Company Launches New Select Range of Olive Wood Products for the Holidays

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Madrid, Spain (PRWEB) November 1, 2004

Olive wood has long been known for its gorgeous and unique grain and coloring. Pieces made from olive wood are beautiful, but can be hard to come by. With the tree’s long life for olive production, smaller stature and the wood’s long drying time, olive wood items can be rare, especially outside of the Mediterranean region.

The growth of olive trees on the Iberian Peninsula dates back to prehistoric times, and currently, Spain is the country with the greatest number of olive trees. Working the olive wood is a tradition that dates back many years in Spain, and many of the producers today are still the small, family run businesses from before.

The gift company At Spain is pleased to offer its customers a wonderfully new line of products made of olive wood: hand crafted olive wood bowls and salad tongs in different sizes, as well as kitchen utensils, mortars and pestles and small dishes. They all make perfect gifts and are a must in the gourmet kitchen! All products are from local suppliers and artisans and each piece is unique.

At Spain was founded in 1999 as a gifts company that goes above and beyond the “typically Spanish” souvenir shop. Featured in the European Wall Street Journal, the company showcases both beautiful artisanal pieces from around the country and some of the everyday items that embody day-to-day life in Spain. Ceramics, glassware, textiles and olive wood are just a few of the products available. All products are available for purchase on the web and most can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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