Bamboo Floors: An Environment-Friendly and Ecologically Sustainable Choice

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Nothing beats wood floors when it comes to giving elegance and class to a home. Aside from being durable, easy to clean, maintain, and repair, gorgeous wood floors are also unique because of their nature produced patterns, colors, and textures.

And it is precisely due to this fact why there has been an ongoing clamor for the different species of wood floors all over the world. Because of this high demand for wood, it is our forests that suffer the most, and us who face the grave consequences. We have witnessed how the environment has been reacting to non-ecologically sustainable practices that we humans do.

Wood floors manufacturers in Tampa and other parts of the country have taken notice of this phenomenon and has been striving to provide a viable alternative to endangered species of wood floors that has been vastly affected by illegal logging. Following numerous studies that show how sustainably harvested rainforests yield higher wood quantity through time, local manufacturers in Tampa are beginning to find answers and solutions to the said problem.

One of the solutions they have posited is the use of bamboo floors. The use of bamboo as home flooring has grown in Tampa since it was discovered that bamboo is an ecologically sustainable flooring option. Quite a number of modern homes in Tampa have already had bamboo floor installation.

Another reason for the growth of bamboo floor sales is that bamboo is a very renewable source. It only takes six years for bamboo species to reach their maturity, afterwhich, they stop growing and either fall down or start to wither away and die. Nevertheless, despite its relatively lower maturity time, its strength can compete with that of other wood floors. In fact, bamboo floors are even harder than oak ones.

Another reason why people are installing bamboo floors is that aside from functionality and environment sustainability, bamboo floors also have aesthetic value. Available in both natural and dark amber color, these floors are available finished or unfinished even in solid engineered tiles. Laminated woven bamboo floors are also aesthetically pleasing and very durable.

Bamboo floor installation is done like any other wood floor installation. And while it is not very hard to do, installing bamboo floors is not recommended for anyone who can be considered as a newbie in the flooring business. Installing bamboo floors, like any other wood floors, is a delicate process. A simple mistake in the bamboo floor installation and the home flooring will be uneven as well as prone to squeaking and damage. So while it may seem cheap for a home owner to do the bamboo floor installation process by himself, it may prove to be more expensive in the long run if the installation is not done correctly.

So for those who are very much interested to have an environment friendly and ecologically sustainable home, hire a professional contractor specializing in installing bamboo floors. It is a wise decision that will make you and mother earth very happy.


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