Bamboo Mat Production Process

Product Information

Mat is the use of high-quality bamboo as raw material, it belongs to a kind of summer sleeping mat.

Mat using automatic processing machine processed into particles using physical methods such as processing of cooking made of.

Production Process:

1. Sawing bamboo: The original bamboo, by sawing bamboo, open bamboo, the bamboo will saw off the opening into the provisions of the width of the bamboo.

2. Sawing bamboo: bamboo provides the size of sawn bamboo tablets.

3. Bamboo punch

Bamboo Mat Production drilling to reflect the ergonomics of a key process. Drilling machine has undergone four generations of development. Drilling machine technology is now quite mature. Domestic fourth-generation patented punch machines. High efficiency, high precision and easy operation. Product quality of the bamboo mat provides a good protection.

4. Bamboo sanding polishing

Bamboo Mat’s good or bad depends largely on the sanding polishing. Therefore, in summer sleeping mat production industry, sanding polishing can also be referred to as core technology. The plants have different sanding polishing process. But the largely non-stop flipping through the water mill, rinse to complete the sanding process.

5. Boiled drying: Mat grain after drying with hot water, the quality of its color changes from blue green the main reason.

6. Waxing: drying exhausted and want to Mat thin layer of wax on the surface to make it smooth and shiny.

7. Weaving: the rest is woven, and the current domestic basically still using hand-woven. Mat seed separation, the size of the weaving specifications are in the process be completed Road.

8. Inspection and packaging of finished products

Maintenance of common sense:

Mat The more you use such a long time are usually more resilient, more smooth and comfortable. Therefore, the proper use and maintenance, you can ensure that it uses for many years. The new buy summer sleeping mat, first with warm water transfer some cleaning agents, carefully wipe with a towel to the front again; and then rolled up and rinse with warm water. Bathroom hot water can be used facing the spray nozzle until the flow out of the water to clear up. And then air-dried can be used.

In the fall, when the weather cools, spent a summer air the sleeping mat to be close together, you can press the following ways to deal with:

 1, first Mat’s sweat towel with warm water several times over Sassafras;

 2, and then 3-5% of the dilute brine to air the sleeping mat Sassafras several times more than positive and negative, can kill some insects bacteria, but also enable the mat to maintain a certain moisture, can prevent cracking;

 3, it is best when the weather is dry and hot dry in the shade, avoid prolonged sun exposure, to prevent the bamboo brittle and easily broken;

 4, pre-packaged cotton can stick lip or Fengyoujing light Sassafras mats, good volume, after the inner layer with some wrapped up in newspapers outside a class with other membrane tightly sealed packet.

 5, taking care not to place heavy pressure and maintain a certain degree of ventilation, wet bogey.

The time of purchase: It should be noted whether the connection cord broken office. Bamboo and bamboo should not be too much distance between.

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