Bamboo Sheet Secrets That Cotton Manufacturers Aren’t Telling You

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Bamboo sheets are not your normal 800 thread count bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are not only comfortable but they’re designed to be the most luxurious sheets for your bed as well as your guest bedroom. Bamboo sheets have a large amount of natural antibacterial resistance. In addition to the antibacterial qualities, they are also very antifungal. This antifungal property is a natural way for the bamboo forest to protect itself from bugs and other vermin that would consume the plants before they reached maturity.

In recent testing by the China Industrial Testing Center, it was discovered that bamboo sheets kill 98.8% of bacteria after 24 hours. These strange-but-true sheets are not only antibacterial and antifungal, they’re also renewable. Since they’re made from a 100% renewable resource, bamboo, you’re using an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton, nylon and rayon sheets. In addition the antifungal and antibacterial qualities and since bamboo is a natural repellent of pests and bugs, no pesticides are needed in the growth or cultivation of bamboo plants. This keeps them as natural and safe as possible.

People who sleep on bamboo sheets compare them to silk, but always not that the bamboo sheets are not as slippery as the silk sheets, but just as soft. Bamboo is a unique insulator as well. In the winter, they will insulate and keep you warm, and in the summer time they draw heat away from your body and keep you cool. Bamboo bed sheets are available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. You will definitely be able to find any combination of color, bed size and thickness. If you’re like me, you like a light color bed sheet that is very thin. Bamboo is as thin as silk without the slipperiness of those silk bed sheets.

After reading the benefits of bamboo bedsheets, most people ask one question, “How much do they cost?”, and they expect bamboo sheets to be 4 to 5 times more expensive that regular cotton sheets. After looking at the actual price of bamboo and cotton, you’ll find they’re very close to the same. I did a price search for 600 thread count Queen cotton sheets and 600 thread count Queen bamboo sheets. The cotton ranged from $ 39-99 for a queen set of sheets including two pillow cases. The bamboo sheets ranged from $ 79-109 for the exact same setup including two pillow cases. If you generally buy the cheapest bedding you can find, the cotton is still going to be cheaper. If, however, you generally buy in the middle of the road, or towards the top end of sheets, bamboo will be almost the same in price when compared to cotton.

A single problem I’ve found is that bamboo sheets are hard to find in stores. I’ve looked at large retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and Costco. None of them had any bamboo bed sheets in stock, but you can always find them online. After looking at enough reviews at different retailers, I knew that bamboo sheets were for me. Without discussing it with my wife, I ordered a set for us. When they came in, I put them on the bed and didn’t tell her. That night she laid down in the bed and said, “Something is wrong with our sheets!” I said, “What’s wrong?” My wife said, “These aren’t the same sheets I slept on last night, they’re softer and more comfortable!” If that’s not enough proof, give it your own test and see if your significant other can tell the difference!

Bed sheets don’t just have to be something you sleep on, but they can be something you look forward to sleeping on! Cotton is dry, rough and harbors microbes and bacteria. Bamboo sheets are soft, smooth and kill bacteria in your bed! Find out more about bamboo bed sheets at our website at

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