Blogging “Django Unchained” (The Texas Chapters)

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Blogging “Django Unchained” (The Texas Chapters) (Corbucci probably took the name out of deference to the myth that Reinhardt had only one hand — in fact, Reinhardt's left hand was deformed, but he had enough use of it to play. Corbucci's Django triumphs in a climactic shootout despite having lost … Read more on FWWeekly

Community Honors Sgt. Workman – Times-News A wooden display case was unveiled in the school's front hallway featuring Sgt. Chris J. Workman's Army medals, plaques and a drawing of Workman and his crewmembers. … “On one hand I'm so proud of this community, and on the other hand it is such a … Read more on Twin Falls Times-News

Waldo County man sentenced to 16 years in drug debt killing of Florida man BELFAST — In addition to serving 16 years in prison, Daniel Porter of Jackson was ordered Monday to pay Jerry Perdomo's family $ 11,694.50 restitution to cover the family's travel expenses over the last year, as well as his funeral and burial expenses … Read more on

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