Build a beer garden at home

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Build a beer garden at home Seating can range from traditional folding chairs to benches imported from Bavaria, or simple plank benches built to rest along the edges of square, raised beds or wooden planters. A surface to hold food and drinks may be arranged as individual folding … Read more on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Johnny Ray Watson's joyful noise Yet there sat Johnny Ray Watson on a stool under the spotlight, smiling and waving, and there sat about 200 listeners on long wooden pews, waiting in quiet anticipation. "It's his personality," said Mike Robertson, a longtime fan. "It beams out of him … Read more on MENAFN.COM

5 Ways to Dominate the Party Cheese Platter I usually place everything on a large wooden cutting board, with plates and napkins alongside to give guests easy access to all of the snacks. Enjoy making your platter! This post is part of BlogHer's Kitchen Entertaining editorial series, made … Read more on BlogHer (blog)

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