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Staffordshire, UK. 30th October 2010. Buying a personalised or cherished number plate is never going to be easy, the market is huge and there other drivers that are after the same number, this is why the DVLA personalised number plate auctions that are held around six times a year are so successful.


However, auctions are not the only source of special and personalised number plates there are number plate dealers. One of the UK’s oldest and most respected dealer is they have been in the business over twenty two years and have sold thousands of special number plates to satisfied customers.


To make the search easier for their clients have developed a cherished registration finding service this uses the company’s main number plate database to sort out the best match to the clients demands.


Should the search return no satisfactory results, then the client can use the number plate finding service, using the same search settings the system will alert the client by email that there is a number plate matching their requirements and how it is.


The managing director of, Jason Wilkes said, “The system will only advise you of new “cherished number plates” added to our main database (including auction numbers) it will not include the low priced (under £500), previously un-issued prefix & current style numbers like K55 ABC or AC54 AJC. If you would like to see our “cheap number plates” for under £500 please click here Build Your Own Private Number Plate From £160″


He added, “Please only use the Car Registration Finder system if you have searched our main database (to your top left) and still can’t find a car registration you like. Please submit your requirements below; you can even specify the approx price you are willing to pay so that you do not get troubled with numbers outside your price range, TRY IT! It really works!”


The system will also scan the number plate sellers section; this is where clients can sell their own number plates through, so there is more chance of a client finding the number plate of their choice through


About The company was founded in 1988 with only a handful of personalised registration number commission sales, they are celebrating their 22nd anniversary and the company has a seven million strong private number plate database as well as considerable stock. are members of all trade-governing bodies: C.N.D.A (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association) M.I.R.A.D (Members of the Institute of Registration Agents & Dealers) & R.N.C (Registration Number Club), and the F.S.B (Fed of Small Businesses).


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