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Cars have always been viewed as a mode of transport. They have been manufactured with the sole reason for taking people from one place to another. However, they have moved far away from being just a mode of transport. They have become symbols of fashion, social status and wealth. People would like to show off their wealth indirectly through their cars and the expensive posh interiors.

When coming to interiors, the cars floor mats occupy a very important place in the list of items that make a difference to the looks of the car. The cars floor mats come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials. They also come in different price tags which again vary with the quality of the cars floor mats. There are companies which come out with eco friendly cars floor mats which are made out of environment friendly materials. These eco friendly mats emphasize people to adapt to environment friendly measures in every phase of their lives.

Rubber cars floor mats are generally the ideal ones to be used in places which are wet. It has all the dirt,dust and water particles present in your shoes. They are water resistant and can be easily cleaned and they are generally washable. They are also stain resistant and are very durable.

Carpet cars floor mats are generally made of jute material which are beautifully woven to make a thick surface on the top of the bottom surface of the car. They are generally found in new cars. Their colour and design is matched with the interiors of the car and hence give a rich and sophisticated look to the car. They are more useful in places which experience moderately to low rainfall levels.

Clear cars floor mats is an external piece of vinyl which is spread over the existing mat.

This is usually done to increase the life span of the mats and to bring in longevity.

Universal absorbent cars floor mats are made from special synthetic materials and can absorb any liquid which falls on them. They are best suited for very wet places where water tends to clog on the car mat.

Custom made cars floor mats are designed according to the needs and tastes of specific customers. The fabric and the texture of the cars floor mats can be chosen according to the individual needs of each customer.


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