Chapter 1015 — 'Knute Reindahl: Violin Builder'

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Chapter 1015 — 'Knute Reindahl: Violin Builder' … 1858, his father died when he was just 3 years old. He had come from a family of silversmiths who were always carving wood as well. ….. He'd rather carve salad bowls and picture frames than study in books. Selling his hand-made trinkets, he … Read more on Walker Pilot Independent

England v South Africa, Champions Trophy: live England win the toss and bowl at warm, muggy Oval …. Very content to stand incredibly still as Kleindvelt bowls a succession of reasonably deliveries to him. … Walsh: In more than 110 years and 1100 Tests up to 1988-89, there had been only 17 hat … Read more on

NASCAR Notebook: Daytona International Speedway to lower seating capacity Each area will be larger than a football field, and all are to enhance the fan experience — much like the the NFL does during Super Bowls. One of the neighborhoods will be called “World Center of Racing” and will focus on the history of the 54-year … Read more on Florida Times-Union

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