Consider The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring Before Installing Any Other Flooring

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The recent trend in home furnishing is characterized by the steady rise in use of flooring materials like bamboo compared to other traditional flooring materials. Before you go for any particular flooring material, try to check out the different benefits of installingbamboo flooring. Bamboo has become one of the primary choices of the homemakers due to its aesthetic beauty, easy availability and durability.
Bamboo Flooring An In Thing of Home Improvement
Bamboo is often considered to be more durable compared to the hardwood flooring. This species of plant is actually a kind of grass with hollow structure. Some species are harder than the maple wood and some of them are twice harder than the hardwood obtained from red oak.
Variety of Bamboo Flooring
The variety of bamboo flooring can be categorized with its color. Generally it is available in carbonized color and in natural finish. The carbonized form gives a smoky hue to the planks whereas the natural finish of the bamboo flooring offers a blond color. The coloring of the flooring planks depends on the boiling process. Though the bamboo flooring are tougher than most of thehardwood flooringplanks yet you should note that the hardness of the bamboo planks are reduced by about 30% if they are boiled harder to give the carbonized finish.
The Important Advantages of Using Bamboo Flooring

Moisture Resistant:Most importantly, bamboo flooring is resistant to moisture. Besides being a laminated product, bamboo flooring has less chances of get warped compared to many other flooring substances. Due to this special feature, you can use bamboo for flooring areas like kitchen, bathroom or any areas in the home, which get easily dampened.

Easy Maintenance:Bamboo flooring does not easily get stains and spills. So this type of flooring is easy to maintain. If the shine of the floors diminishes, then it can be restored with professional help. You need simple mop and scrubber to clean the bamboo floors without putting any rigorous effort to keep the floors clean.

Durability:The bamboo flooring is very durable and compared to many hardwood producing trees, the bamboo planks are harder. The bamboo planks are also difficult to break giving the floors more longevity. Scratches and dent like damages are hardly seen on bamboo flooring.

Easily Grown:Compared to the hardwood producing trees, the bamboo plants are grown and harvested faster. Within a span of five years from planting, bamboo can be harvested whereas the hardwood producing trees fully grow in three to four decades. Moreover, bamboo can be grown from the same plant even after harvesting but this is not possible for hardwood trees. Once they are cut down, they cannot be grown twice.

Besides all other benefits, the use of bamboo flooring is also environmental friendly. When there is dire need to conserve the natural resources and minimize their uses as much as possible, bamboo flooring can be a good option to hardwood flooring. Since the bamboo plants are faster growing than the trees from which hardwood is obtained, they can be harvested within short span of time and meet the demands of the people.


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