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As seeing cruise ads for outrageous prices like “5 Day Cruise for $ 200”, I always get aggravated. “Cruise where and on what?” is what I have to ask, then I see in my mind a john boat floating down a river with the theme from Deliverance playing menacingly in the background. What gets me even more aggravated is when my hardworking clients call me thinking they have found the deal of the century and want to book a well deserved vacation for their family at these prices.


Sadly I have to inform my clients this price they found does not include the total cost of their vacation. They are not making a comparison “apples to apples” as my partner Connie loves to say. You can’t compare apples to pears and have an adequate understanding of the value of your vacation.


Cruise prices should include your base fare + your port fees + taxes+ any other items you wish to add on such as travel insurance, transfers to and from the cruise port, airfare, shore excursions, cruise tours, hotel stays before or after the cruise, prepaid gratuities for your crew members, AND anything else you wish to add to the mix. Your price quote must include the components you want and need to make your vacation the success you deserve. Your travel professional can walk you through each step saving you time, money, and lots of aggravation.


One size does not fit all and clicking the NEXT button on your computer is not a good way to choose your vacation options! Your travel professional can help you compare apples to apples so your next cruise is as tasty and fun as a fresh baked apple pie!

Sandy, the diva cruiser, is in reality Sandy Wheeler, Independent agent for Connie George Travel Associates. Follow her adventures on Twitter @ thedivacruiser.

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