Death by juicer?

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Death by juicer? Guzzetti's head was being cradled on a pillow in the lap of his partner, Philip Leung, then 47, who was sitting on the terrace's polished wooden floor. Guzzetti's …. The bowl, part of a juicer, weighs about a kilogram. Not exactly …. He lived on … Read more on Daily Life

Old school potter goes native in the wilds of southeast Okinawa The lushness of the farms and kitchen gardens, bulging with banana fronds, trellises of dragon fruit and Okinawan herbs used in cooking and for medicinal purposes, belie the dangers of these fields, infested with the poisonous habu, a viper so venomous … Read more on The Japan Times

Get creative, and healthy, with fresh fruit The classic watermelon fruit bowl is still a stunning centerpiece and easily done. Simply cut in the fashion of a bowl, with a handle. If you like … Fruit bouquets are great for any occasion. For this you'll need wooden/bamboo skewers and a great … Read more on

Slow and simple: Italian cookbook proves simple doesn't mean quick Franny's is a beloved Brooklyn eatery, known for its wood-fired pizza, house-cured meats and simple dishes. It was included in … However, if time is not a factor, these recipes inspire: Pizzas, bubbled up and topped with little more than a smear of … Read more on Vancouver Sun

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