Fields of stupas

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Fields of stupas Feeling pleased that we could claim a connection, however distant, to this beautiful place, we walked back to the jetty, to get back into the boat and proceed on our way around the lake. The freshwater lake, situated … Made of wood, bamboo poles and … Read more on Hindu Business Line

Inside Bungie: A walk through a top-secret headquarters where Halo gave way The place has no signs visible from the street, and you would never guess that it is housed inside a shopping mall in an office park. It used to be a theater complex and a bowling alley. This is the place where a team was willing to bet on the future … Read more on VentureBeat

Students to weave mats for homeless Those bags eventually will be woven into rugged sleeping mats for the homeless in Cabarrus County. Officials at The … Linda Moore, who went online to learn how to make the sleeping mats, started the effort and trains people to weave mats. Hickory … Read more on Charlotte Observer

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