Fujian Nanping Bamboo Forest Industry Efforts To Develop An Effective Change Of The Mode Seen

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Transfer structure, “two trees” change WANMULIN; to seek change, waste wood into a treasure worth double. In recent years, Nanping forestry industry efforts to develop an apparent change in the mode results. Last year, the gross output value of 22.45 billion Nanping of forestry, afforestation area of 50.6 hectares, a total of 18 enterprises 11 products have famous trademark title eight products are as a provincial brand; 17 enterprises were rated Province 2009 forestry industry leading enterprises.

For a long time, Nanping Hill long, of “two trees”: one is a pine tree, and the other one is cedar. “One of the forestry structure is not conducive to forest protection and soil conservation, foresters and forest enterprises only to stare at ‘two trees’ make a fuss, roads are getting narrower and narrower.” 17, Nanping City Forestry Bureau, director of Clerks Xushao Xiong said, “We are trying to break this situation.”

Nanping City Modern Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Co., Ltd base, 1,800 acres of Sapindus It is this idea a product. It is understood that the future of the company will build a total of 30 million mu of Sapindus planting base. Expected value of up to 9 billion for the project area foresters to bring more than 300 million yuan in revenue.

Sapindaceae is one of Nanping City of wild native species, its seeds up to 40% oil content, whole fruit squeezing out oil containing oleic acid and linoleic acid as high as 87% of popular favor of bio-diesel companies.

“After the success of Sapindus grow, companies just picking the fruit for processing and economic benefits than previously simple processing of timber, as well as beneficial to ecological and environmental protection.” Xushao Xiong said, “adjusting the industrial structure alone is not enough to shut down several businesses. In order not to prejudice the interests of the majority of foresters, Nanping City, the forestry sector is not completely relying on administrative means to small businesses an off trouble, but from the resources for training to start by adjusting the production of raw materials, to guide enterprises to collective transformation. “

“We are the existing forest on the basis of the four bases has been the development of fast growing timber, short-cycle industrial raw material forest, high-yielding bamboo forest, rare species, large-diameter timber, seedlings flowers, famous high quality economic forest, forest foods, forest herbs and biomass and other raw material forest base ten, towards the adoption of 5-10 years of effort, so that the total forest resources, forest quality, there is a new leap. “Xushao Xiong said.

It is understood that this line of thought under the guidance of Nanping City in 2009 annual afforestation area of 50.6 mu, of which 26.2 million mu of plantation; the completion of tending young forest area of 119.9 hectares, to complete construction of the four bases in an area of 36.9 mu. Camellia oleifera, Sapindaceae, Tan Kwai and other special resources development work better and better last year, the city’s new office Camellia oleifera Lam 2950 acres, the new high-yield demonstration forest 1,100 acres; raising the existing forest area of 12.3 mu tea-oil, of which 1.7 million mu of demonstration forest; new office Sapindus raw material forest base of 2976 mu.

New resources to reconstruct the pattern of forestry, new technologies, escort industrial upgrading. The Nanping, bamboo and wood processing industry, the introduction of high-tech cutting-edge technology has become common practice. Some of the past, no one’s adviser, bamboo litter has become the “meat and potatoes.”

In the carbon industry, Yanping Moritoshi company workshop, a truck of sawdust and slab scraps such as high temperatures, drying, extrusion, carbonization and other procedures, have become sought-after charcoal. “In the past, these sawdust is directly drained, and now we can absorb more than 30 tons of waste per day, one year more than 10,000 tons, equivalent to saving 10,000 cubic meters wood.” Company chairman Wang said water.

In Jian’ou “China Bamboo Shoots City”, the city fargesii Mori’s three leading enterprises developed rapidly, the production of high-end products sold nationwide. “In fact, business start-time is not long.” Person in charge of the company into a weeks-chang said the three-sum can be in the fierce market competition, thanks to high-tech applications: First, 12 million kcal of biomass fuel boilers, one horizontal dip machine. “Bamboo Plywood industries, these two technologies we are the forefront.”

Jian’ou section chief Lin Zhenqing Forest Bamboo Industry, said after the factory production desperately chopsticks, chopping boards and other low-end products, and now main attack nano bamboo charcoal.

“Bamboo Shaowu above-scale enterprises have their own research institutions.” Shaowu Forest Industry Unit Huanggui Sheng told reporters that before 2003, Shaowu fargesii 470 million yuan industrial output value of forestry enterprises, all processing of semi-finished products; last year, six months The output value reached 1.5 billion, and are finished products, bamboo products worth double. “Since 2003, industrial output value of industry Shaowu fargesii always about 50% of the rate of growth, but consumption of resources has always been a stable, high-tech today.”

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