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I am sure that most of us are using skin care products mainly to save the face from any aging signs like wrinkles and spot. Though it is a great practice, however, we forget also to give our hands the proper care it needed to save it from drying and wrinkling. Among our body parts, our hands are commonly use in every activity we have that it is why it is righteous that that we give extra care to them by simply using a hand cream aside from using protective gloves in doing task that can be damaging to our hands. If our hands are frequently expose to any hazardous chemicals, it will come to a point that its skin cells can hardly supply the amount of moisture to keep to skin supple.  That is why if it is taking for granted, your hands appear to dry and there is a great chances that wrinkles can be form.

Doing any home remedies are not that effective in dealing dry hands, even though they are helpful to fight against aging but it is not a perfect solution for the problem to solve permanently. Basic home remedies like massaging the hands with oils and fruit extracts are fairly effective but it is not enough to solve the issue. With that, it is actually necessary to use a hand cream to settle the problem. Unlike any home remedies, the use of hand cream is very efficient because aside from it is formulated together with advance formula system; it is not blended with unnecessary oils that may only clog-up the skin pores resulting the skin to improperly oxidize itself. If you think that using an ordinary moisturizer or hand lotion is a good option, well you made a wrong decision. These skin care products are formulated with fragrances that are now discourage to blend in every skin care products. Fragrances are synthetic ingredient that can make the skin drier because it disturbs the pH level of the product.

Looking the best hand cream to use is not a hard thing to do. Like any other skin care product, you need to read product label first and check through research if those ingredients are safe and proven effective to use. If not, then try another product by asking recommendation from experts or by simply reading product reviews online.




Fiona Ross, is a self proclaimed consumerist specializing in the skin care industry. She has written many articles from eye care to shampoos and conditioners. The author had several research on beauty products designed to investigate its effects on one’s health and lifestyle. She had also made several reviews tackling  one such as hand cream. She welcomes all those seeking professional help for their skin.

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