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As consumers of bamboo fiber’s fashion and health requirements, bamboo fiber products, marking the situation can not meet the consumer demand, bamboo IKEA keen insight into the market, study, large amounts of data collected for domestic bamboo industry analysis, then bamboo IKEA bamboo fiber brand came into being! Create a classic combination of fashion and health personal style bamboo fiber products health of a sudden surge of new fashion craze, fashion style and diverse products, personal health of the natural bamboo fiber is consistent with the market, meet all the needs of consumers. Bamboo fiber into a large number of textile revolutionary fiber in a more eye-catching. With antimicrobial antibacterial, comfortably cool, and many other fibers do not have the advantage.
Many advantages of many selling points, “Bamboo fiber products” in the market, large-scale flooding, some shoddy or counterfeit chemical elements in the various brands of “bamboo fiber” products on the market everywhere, the situation for a moment quite a mixed bag consumers difficile true! More serious consequences of counterfeit goods after the consumer has experienced a real bamboo fiber products will make the kind of criticism of it? No real effect of bamboo fiber are consumers really was a negative experience, such a good product it true that people died here, was a bar What?

IKEA bamboo fiber bamboo strong appeal:
1, from IKEA bamboo fiber bamboo imitations teach you how to distinguish between true and false bamboo fiber: the essence of bamboo fiber cotton, silk quality. Bamboo fiber moisture absorption, moisture, moisture, heat, solvent wet, breathable, antibacterial, etc. superior capabilities unmatched by other products, color brightness, color fastness and is better than other fibers.
Bamboo fiber textile color defective goods and counterfeit goods have a certain lack of, and comfort also greatly discount, and all the more moisture permeability can not be compared! Buy bamboo fiber products carefully selected, if 40% bamboo fiber products will not have the following effect of bamboo fiber! Look for the brand will look for products on the market in quite a mixed bag to identify the real health of bamboo fiber.
2, manufacturers and the operators urged the industry to self as the basic quality: some of the manufacturers and business to win, the concept of blind speculation in the trick, with content of 40% or even 20% of bamboo fiber products a big issue. Do everything possible to enable consumers to purchase such products of bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber in order to disrupt the market, consumers can not experience the effect of bamboo fiber products, if things continue to deepen the bamboo fiber in the minds of consumers the negative impact created in the minds of consumers that mood of our industry will have any future at all?
3, Bamboo IKEA IKEA bamboo bamboo fiber products health health bamboo fiber bamboo fiber products, 55% -100% content, consumers can meet the health needs of all aspects of bamboo fiber, to allow consumers to experience true health effects of bamboo fiber ! Whether it is seen, bought used IKEA bamboo bamboo fiber products, without exception, said the product was truly healthy Relax!

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