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The Olive tree is a beautiful tree, which is very common and typical in the Galilee and it is mentioned time and again in the bible. In Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree of Israel, and the grafting in of gentile believers (the wild olive) into the olive tree. Its wood can be used as a raw material to make religious and unique ornaments, such as: wooden crosses, wooden candles, wooden boxes, olivewood crafts such as “hands of Prayer”, Holy land olive wood magnets and so on. Out of respect to the biblical inheriting, the olive trees are preserved and not allowed to be cut down. In order to keep the trees healthy and strong, all items are made from pruned branches.


If you choose to bring a gift for the festive season that would like to make it remarkable and brighter, the olive wood cross will be a good choice. The crosses and crucifixes, which symbolize the Christ’s love and the suffering he weathered to bring us salvation. They are perfect to give a graceful and blissful twist to every path in life. Although they come in many shapes, they have one thing in common: the pure and calm sense they give even to day to day life.

They could be displayed in a special place in the living room or on the office table, but they can also be worn and that is why people find them so useful, because they are not only to decorate and add a unique flavor to any outfit, but they also inspire the people who wear them to bring a peaceful taste in nowadays fast-lane life. 


The holy land olive trees give also olive oil, which has extraordinary feature. 

The Holy Anointing Oil is a virgin olive oil made from freshly crushed olives from Galilee. In the bible, they used to Crown kings by poring oil over their heads. The oil is scented with Biblical fragrances, packed in a genuine olive wood vial from Bethlehem. It is believed that rubbing oil in the name of the Lord and praying for him can save the sick person and giving him the bliss of the Lord or is a person has sinned, he will be pardoned. 



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