How to Read Faster? Use Your Hands

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Many of us believe that you should not use your hands while reading. Maybe you were taught at school to read with out using hands for underlining the words and keep in track while reading. If you attended primary school 20 or more years ago, then in many schools students were told to keep their hands off the text while reading. Therefore there still exists a strong belief that if you use your fingers for pacing and keeping track, then it decreases your reading speed. Some people even think that using your hands indicates poor reading skills and an educated person will definitely not read in that way.

Actually, the situation is the other way round and using your hands will help you to read faster. This fact was already noticed by Evelyn Wood already in 1950s. She worked out several methods for using your fingertips as pacing tools. It is said to be that she discovered the effect of reading with your hands accidentally when she was wiping off dust from a book.

Why using your hands help you to read faster? The main point is that reading with you hands will help you to keep track whilst reading and you can also improve your concentration by doing so. This will result in faster reading speed and better comprehension.

If you point your fingertips to the word or line you are reading then it reminds you which words are you reading. When starting to learn speed reading then the first rule is that you have to read all the words only once, which means that there should be not backward eye movements and re-reading some words. It is much easier to develop that kind of reading habit if you use some kind of a pacing tool, which can be your fingers.

When you fingertips are pointing to the word or line (there are different methods for doing that) you are reading, then it will remind you that you should read that word or line only once. In addition, hand movements will help you to keep a steady reading pace, which is required for speed reading.

Using your hands will improve your comprehension because it turns your attention to the words you are reading instead of allowing your eyes and mind to wander. Low comprehension is in many cases caused by low concentration to the text. Many poor readers let their thoughts to move away from the text and after they have completed the text they will remember little about what they have read.

Getting rid of backward eye movements is the first rule of speed reading. It is the most powerful speed reading tip that you should read every word only once. It is so simple to say yet it takes practice to master it. Using your hands makes it easier. There is nothing wrong in reading with your hands. It may look a little strange to the bystanders, but it is you, who is gaining reading speed by doing so.

Kristjan-Olari Leping is a speed reading trainer and associate professor of economics at the University of Tartu, Estonia. I will share my experiences with you and will teach you how to read faster. Visit my website and learn speed reading techniques.

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