Industry Can Not Ignore The Strength Of Bamboo Fiber Is Both Carbon And Energy Saving

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Recently, of “innovation, improve services, upgrade” as the theme for the 2010 League of bamboo fiber industry expert seminar held in Beijing. The seminar organized by the China Textile Entrepreneurs Association.

 Experts and industry leaders on the status of bamboo fiber, low-carbon cycle faster and bamboo fiber textile materials Prospect area in knitting and other in-depth development of exchanges. Experts said that bamboo fiber has become the darling of low-carbon economy era, both low-carbon environment, but also ease the shortage of cotton dilemma. Tiankai president proposed to train and develop the bamboo fiber, bamboo industry alliance will be within the industry as a typical business model to promote, play driving effect.

 Bamboo fiber into the power industry can not be ignored

 China Textile Industry Association vice president of China Textile Association, said Yang Donghui, bamboo fiber industry alliance as an innovative new type of fibrous tissue model innovation in the industry played an exemplary role. At present, domestic and international emerging new differential fiber, bamboo fiber, but as truly as industrial development is not much. As technology advances and the system of continuous improvement, I believe the times demand that more textile materials by drawing bamboo fiber patterns to develop.

 Bamboo Industry Association Chairman Wang Jinjun, told this reporter in 2010 with fiber Union Association, the Cotton Textile Association, the Textile Association, the Knitting Association, CCPIT and so the depth of cooperation to carry out. In this seminar, Jinjun also developed with the National Textile Center, National Museum and other textile fabrics signed a cooperation agreement.

 Bamboo fiber as a new type of fiber with independent intellectual property rights in China After 10 years of development, has become the industry can not be ignored power, industrial development has been a fast track. Bamboo fiber to maintain 30% average annual growth in the proportion of knitting content 45%. Hebei, Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. General Manager ligustilide Songde Wu told reporters that the textile industry in 2009 suffered a tremendous impact on the world financial crisis, but the bamboo fiber still maintained a growth rate of 28.8% of the market.

 However, the bamboo fiber industry continue to be expanding in the market, while also facing the name of the disorder, as real and so confused. Lun Textile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Hebei days Huangfu Ming Li said: “The issue of bamboo fiber industry has not had time normalization, the rapid industrialization of the.” Bamboo industry, League Secretary General Zhuhuan You told this reporter to information sharing, integration and development resources prerequisite to promote the healthy development of bamboo fiber for the purpose of Jilin Chemical Fiber, Hebei, Jilin Chemical Fiber and other 24 units ligustilide in 2005 initiated the establishment of a bamboo joint Industry Alliance. At present, the alliance members, including upstream and downstream enterprises, such as yarn, weaving, finished products, channel branding, export business 59.

 Can alleviate the shortage of cotton both low-carbon

 In the era of low-carbon economy, the natural characteristics of bamboo has caused the world on the role of bamboo carbon sinks and emissions concerns. Research shows that one hectare of bamboo in 5.09 tons of carbon sequestration is the fir 1.46 times 1.33 times the tropical rain forest. China’s abundant bamboo resources to mitigate global climate change has contributed to.

 Jinjun told reporters: “2009 20% reduction in cotton-growing country, so that the status of the already short supply of cotton is more serious. My bamboo area in the world, there are more than 484 million hectares of bamboo forest, there is plenty of bamboo fiber material resources.” Jinjun said: “Bamboo is a year veteran will be able to plant, grow very quickly.” bamboo fiber industry in China’s cotton shortage can share those problem-solving situations, but also make a low-carbon economic development force.

 Donghua University, Key Laboratory Director, Long-Di PhD supervisor, told reporters: “By 2050, the Earth’s population will reach 9 billion. Textile raw materials face enormous pressure, how people dress the problem be solved? I believe that the development of low-textiles raw materials is a good choice. “

 At last year’s “low-carbon clothing” seminar, in order to let everyone in the consumption of all clothing produced in the process of lower carbon emissions, people based on the understanding of tree growth rings made “clothing ring” the notion that carbon emissions with the clothing of each index to measure the useful life of the garment, the life cycle carbon emissions and annual carbon emissions.

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