Innovation in Lost Japan

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Innovation in Lost Japan Just as a stroll through a new place can inspire creative thinking on the part of the traveler, so, too, can a walk through Kerr's fascinating set of experiences from Japan. For the innovation practitioner, the most …. This brush, typically a long … Read more on Innovation Excellence (blog)

Entertainment listings The Tiniest Place, July 5, 7, 9, 11 . Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, July 5, 6, 9, 11 . Gold Fever, July 6 includes panel discussion with the filmmakers . Evolution of Violence, July 7 . Lessons for a War, July 7, introduced by the filmmaker. . Vancity … Read more on Vancouver Sun

North to south, an epic train journey in Vietnam A middle-aged woman threw herself on the floor by spreading a straw mat. "Rich people use airplanes. But we use this railway, even though it … the replacement of bridges is an intricate operation. It involves erecting a bridge next to the one to be … Read more on Asahi Shimbun

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