Is That Wood Sustainable?

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Whether you want to lay down a wood floor, buy some new furnishings or build a deck, you might want to know if the product you are purchasing has been harvested in a sustainable manner. Without knowing what to look for, you are stuck in a bit of a shell game. This is one time when you dont want to simply take someones word for it.

Where Did it Come From?

For wood to be declared sustainable it must come from a certified sustainable forest. That means that the wood has been harvested from a managed forest that utilizes replenishment strategies. Woods that arent harvested in such a manner often come from areas that have been deforested. You can search for the mark of the FSC the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that the wood you buy has been harvested properly.

What Should You Avoid?

The National Resources Defense Council suggests that you be particularly careful when purchasing Big Leaf Mahogany, Caribbean Pine, Rosewood, Teak, Spanish Cedar, Ipe, Ramin, African Mahogany, Okoume and Merbau woods. These trees are particularly hard to forest sustainably and they grow sparsely in other wooded areas. The process of removal is often quite damaging.

Does it Always Have to Be Certified?

There are options that avoid the issue of certification. For example, you can opt to use reclaimed lumber. In some areas of the country when houses are remodeled old lumber is turned over to resellers who specialize in reclaimed woods. Another choice is getting plastic lumber or composite lumber, which is becoming more readily available.

Many companies which produce pine lumber are involved in reforestation programs, and if you check them out online, and ascertain that they are indeed harvesting wood responsibly, you dont need to find an FSC logo on each piece. Nevertheless, you can find a complete list of FSC certified companies on their website.

With deforestation becoming a critical issue worldwide it just makes sense to take the time to ensure that any lumber you do use is responsibly obtained. You may end up paying a bit more for these supplies, but there is no question as to the impact of removing trees from the environment.

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