Kauai Event Calendars – 10/23/2013

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Kauai Event Calendars – 10/23/2013 All proceeds go toward a pupu party that takes place after the ride. (kauaiharley.com). Sustainable Island Tastes from the Garden One Song … Kauai-based Tahitian artist Heifara Aimau demonstrates traditional plant-based jewelry making with coconut … Read more on Midweekkauai

He acts with Eula Valdes, Wilma Doesnt –and supplies their bangles, too When his clients started to place orders with specific materials and sizes that Rodriguez couldn't find, he started making them himself. He's been selling his designs to the … I saw the woven banig (mats) of Maguindanaoans,” he said. He was also … Read more on Inquirer.net

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