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The modern day lifestyles offer varied degrees of stress and pressure which is why many opt to go for recreational activities. These activities not only help in reducing and unwinding the stress levels but also go a long way in adding fun and joy to the daily repetitious lifestyles. Add to this the shrinking outdoors which have led many to opt for various indoor games which offer the same pleasures of a game played outdoors. One such game is the lawn bowl which can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Though other games such as tennis, volleyball, cricket, football are only good for people of certain age brackets but lawn bowls is one game which can be played by any person irrespective of age factors. One does not require special skills to get the understanding about the game it can be understood with ease but mastering would only come with practice.

Unlike other games which require the individual to have special training from authentic and genuine institute lawn bowl does not require so. It has very simple rules which can be apprehended by any individual with ease.

Though outdoor games can be very strenuous lawn bowl is less strenuous when compared to other games. In lawn bowls the player has to roll a slightly asymmetric ball in a way that it stops closer to a smaller jack or kitty or than those of the opponent. Jack refers to a particular white ball which the player’s ball has to hit, cross or at least come closer too. Australia being a hub of various sporting activities, lawn bowling is considered as one of the most popular games played across the country.

Since the game involves rolling a ball which must hit or cross the opponent’s ball thus it is vital that it is played on a smooth, flat evenly leveled grass lawn.

There are also bowling tournaments which take place across Australia which sees huge participation from people. There are various clubs which offer membership to the game which is very inexpensive. And since it is not a much specified rule list game even a novice can master it with ease in just no time. It is a very fun filled game which can be played with friends and family.

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