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Nonprofit Weaves Ties To Treadle On On a recent Wednesday morning, Pollio was working on a set of place mats — a checkered pattern woven with mercerized cotton. Weavers typically follow a print-out pattern with numbers corresponding to each treadle, or pedal, of the loom, but for Pollio … Read more on Hartford Courant

10 Minnesota home products In my home, a Kelly Marshall hand-woven rug bridges the considerable gap between a 1920s condo and my husband's taste for contemporary furnishings. … Kelly Marshall also makes more accessible place mats (prices vary). 3. Read more on Minneapolis Star Tribune

Among the mountain merchants in Kathmandu … (00977 1 5533197) and Sana Hastakala (00977 1 5522628) sell ethnically inspired textiles, home furnishings and affordable handicrafts, while Nepal Knotcraft Centre (00977 1 5528614) is the place to go for high-quality mats and furniture handwoven … Read more on The National

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