People Are Even Choosing To Purchase Private Number Plates As Investment Items

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Personalised number plates, or private number plates have had quite a bad reputation in recent years, as many have associated them with the go-getting obnoxious yuppies of the 1980s. But with so many different varieties of personalised number plates to choose from out there, is it time to break out of the old stereotype?
In the past decade, the demand for private number plates has shot up, with recent research indicating that all kinds of people have taken interest in using cherished number plates to make a statement, make a splash or just to make their vehicle their very own. Individuality has become big business, and with this in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that private number plates have grown so rapidly in popularity.
Image is still important too, and everything, from the clothes we wear to the social network page we are on (Or not as the case may be) , to our favourite places to eat forms a composite, not necessarily of who we are, but of the image of ourselves we project on to the world. Personalised number plates, for some, are a way to channel this image.

And its not only the rich and famous splashing out on cherished number plates these days, either. Todays market has over 30 private number plates available with prices starting as low as 99.00, so every budget and personal taste can be well suited.
People are even choosing to purchase private number plates as investment items, believing that their value will increase with time. There is a rapidly developing trend for purchasing number plates as gifts for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays as well.
Still thinking of getting a cherished number plate? Well, if you are, then there are a few points to think about. A surname on a number plate will be more expensive, but will increase more in later years than if you had three initials on your plate. A number plate with your first name is also a good investment for the future. The general rule of thumb is; the rarer the plate, the more expensive fortunate for those blessed with particularly unusual names.
Choosing the right number plate for you has become more and more easy, with online searchable databases there to do most of the work for you by simply entering your requirements and then letting the search engine figure out its availability and price.
A few other charges involved include the 80.00 transfer fee to pay when you purchase your new number plate. This fee is set at a fixed standard rate by the DVLA, so keep this in mind when sorting your budget. Also, if you are buying the plates to save for use later on, there is a 25.00 retention fee involved if you do not assign it to a vehicle within that year.

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