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Tray is designed for carry things and it is a shallow plateform. Its size is larger than salver. Its different versions are available and used for different occasions, as its small version is used for serving pupose. It may be made up of silver, melamine, papier-mache, brass sheet iron, wood. The material from which it is made gives a unique identity according to their quality and it can also feel when we touch it.

The are made of verity of shapes. The may be rectangular, circle, ovel, squire, leaf shaped, heart shaped etc. becouse of these features its importance increases as well as its value in market increases.

Silver Plated tray are made up of brass sheet iron, silver, melamine, papier-mache, wood. The material from which it is made gives are cover up its quality and designed issues. One of the designe of silver plated tray is flate but with raised adeges to stop things from siliding and they are made up of verity of shapes but the trays are mostly found in rectangular and circle shape. One designe comes in sliver plated tray having handles for carrying purpose.
How to Clean a Silver Plated Tray:

* There are some steps are followed when you attempt to clean your silver plated tray, so these instructions are:

* You have to required:

* Fine whiting (calcium carbonate), Mild dish detergent, 3 to 4 soft cloths.

* The steps are:

* Put a small amount of dish soap and Fill a basin with hot. Now soak silver plated tray for a few minutes in the soapy water.

* Wash properly the tray with a soft cloth and rinse well after that dry with another soft cloth.

* Make a paste of whiting and ammnia as with three parts whiting and one part ammonia. Apllay this paste to the tray with a clean cloth. Wipe in straight strokes, do not wipe it in a circular motion. Do this over the entire tray until it looks shiny and lustrous.

* After that wash the silver plated tray again with hot soapy water and rinse well. Dry it well with a clean soft cloth.

Have a super silver plated tray:

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