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With large Home Appliances Distribution channels over-reliance on supermarkets, compared

Small appliances The sales model is more flexible distribution channels tend to spread, but also more diverse. Therefore, small appliances, the traditional channels of large household appliances no longer meet the business development model is a choice “on their own” way of living, or “choose a tree and habitat?”

Traditional channels: still the mainstream Largest market for big wholesale: small appliances weak brands into the market is small, although the high quality, industry influence, but consumers are not knowledge, these characteristics determine the ability of its strong wholesale, on the one hand to reduce the terminal costs; on the other hand because of its reliable quality and easy for dealers to accept lower, consumers can meet the 23 market price sensitive and demanding of product quality. Big big wholesale market route into the market of such a breakthrough in small appliances.

Stores and electrical shops: As the imbalance of regional economic development and regional differences in market conditions and other factors, in the coming years, regardless of the number of channels or channel from the sales point of view, small household electrical appliances will continue to flow large shopping malls and traditional agency-based dealer. Data show that nationwide, large kitchen and home appliances department stores still account for about 40% of total sales, especially in emerging channels have not yet had any energy left in the 23 markets and take into account the better-off rural China village market, small and medium Shopping channel still has the absolute leadership and control.

Chain channels: the main battlefield of the future

The current medium and small cities, since the rapid development of new channels, greatly eroded shopping trend.

Small kitchen appliances emerging channels including home appliance chain chain (such as

States United States , Triple, Suning, Yongle, etc.), mainly to foreign brands such as integrated chain. With the large home appliances brutal price competition, making the channels are increasingly concerned about the high profit margins of small household appliances. Therefore, the next home appliance chain channel will be a small household appliance market, one of the most important sales channels.

Emerging channels: potential Plate Currently, many with the “house” sites have become closely related to the promotion of small household electrical appliances manufacturers position their products, the new

Real estate , New kitchen and home appliances business district has gradually become their products so that consumers feel important place in the district from the current promotion of Small and medium enterprises can be seen.

The past two or three years, small household electrical appliances have been gradually building materials into some large supermarket, and become a household electrical appliance enterprises in addition to traditional department stores and electronics shops (including home appliance chain enterprises) than another distribution channel. Future developer of housing not only includes the sale of the decoration, there may include a full set of home appliances, building materials chain channel is bound to take advantage of this opportunity, small home appliance sales in the market to seek a greater share of the occupation.

TV Or online shopping for its convenient, affordable and increasingly accepted by consumers, sales channels are currently being more and more the concern of small household electrical appliance enterprises.

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