Some personalised number plates are even perceived to be investment items

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Personalised number plates or private number plates, made popular in the nineteen eighties, and are now experiencing something of a revival due to the recent popularity of personalization.
Although formerly linked with the “yuppie” movement of the 1980s, personalised number plates used to be treated with some degree of disregard. However they are now more popular than ever before, as the fashion for customizing everything from jewellery to clothes to even our own bodies appears to go from strength to strength. In a sense, then, this explains to a greater or lesser extent the renewed popularity of cherished number plates –in that making a statement which says something about the owner of an object has become widespread in modern culture, and as a result many drivers are now looking to decorate their cars with customized, private number plates.
Previously, cherished number plates were reserved for those who were particularly affluent, especially during the eighties. However, prices for private number plates are now lower than ever, making them an accessible accessory to adorn almost anyone’s car.
Some personalised number plates are even perceived to be investment items, especially as a particular name can give the plate a certain sense of rarity depending on how demand it is. In general, the rule of thumb is that the rarer the plate is, the more expensive it is. A good example of this is the now famous A1 plate, which was much in demand when it was first produced, and was eventually given to Queen Elizabeth II.
Another quickly developing trend is purchasing cherished number plates as special, personalised gifts or presents. Although with plates such as the A1 plate owned by Queen Elizabeth II, there were limitations to what letter and number combinations you could use, this has altered significantly since the introduction of license plates involving multiple letters and numbers, and deciding on which combination to use has been made much easier thanks to the advent of the internet, where there are databases containing all the information drivers need to check whether or not the number plates they want are already in use.
The standard rate for these number plates is set by the DVLA at around eighty pounds, so this is worth bearing in mind when you are drawing up a budget for buying your number plate. In addition, if the plate is to be saved for use later on, there is an added £25.00 retention fee.
Customising or personalising number plates has increased in popularity in recent years, due in part to the growing trend for customization, whether it is in terms of personal appearance, the social networking websites we use, or the places we prefer to go to. Defining oneself in terms of customization has become more popular than ever, and so this could explain the recent revival in the trend for personalising number plates.

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