Strand Woven Bamboo

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Eco friendly and virtually industructible strand woven bamboo flooring and decking.

Bamboo has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries and has gained popularity in the US flooring market over the last 5 years. Strand Woven Bamboo was developed 4 years ago as a high tech addition to the Bamboo Flooring and Exterior Decking products. Strand Bamboo products have enabled the flooring and decking products made from this special process to move ahead of all competitive species of natural wood flooring.

These new Bamboo Products are relatively unknown to the US Wood Products Industry, Contractors, Big Box Firms and Consumers. Although many have heard of regular Bamboo Flooring most have no idea that this exciting new high tech manufacturing process has moved this particular Bamboo Flooring and Decking above all its competition.

While many Firms in Southeast Asia produce Bamboo flooring many less have the technical abilities to produce Strand Woven Products. Production of these new high tech products have been limited to 1820mm or 6 feet. Although those lengths are very good for the interior flooring they could not be used for large scale introduction into US Markets for exterior decking. Tim Fodor based on his many years of developing new format products in Southeast Asia for the Wood Products Industry has developed Strand Woven Decking in lengths to 3660mm or 12 feet. Tim Fodor and his firms are the only US Firm offering these exceptional high tech flooring and decking in lengths to 3660mm or 12 feet.

When comparing the specifications of the Strand Woven Bamboo Decking to all existing products being used for exterior decking applications (Treated Yellow Pine, Ipe, Cumaru, Cedar, Redwood, Merabu and Composite Plastics), the new high tech products beats each of its competitor flooring and decking materials in each and every product specification, INCLUDING PRICE. In addition to the exceptional technical qualities of the Strand Woven Bamboo, it is ECO FRIENDLY.

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