Summer menu for Chhatbir zoo animals

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Summer menu for Chhatbir zoo animals Along with it, a temporary hut made from kanna (Sacrum Muja), wooden logs and bamboo has been created for protection against heat stroke and harsh sunlight in all the enclosures of herbivores animals. For deer: Cabbage leaves have … Other birds and … Read more on Times of India

Market Fresh: Better weather forecast for farmers markets this week Featured food wagons include Bistro Red Beet, Urban Bamboo cooking fresh and live, and Tiers From Heaven Cupcakes. … Other vendors include: Glacier Valley Farm, Gray Owl Farm, the Blue Poppy, Sweet and Sassy Kettle corn, Alaska Sprouts, Mat-Valley … Read more on Anchorage Daily News

Fun before you fly What traveller doesn't love swapping their just-finished book for a new one? At Helsinki airport, a reading corner and book swap at Gate 27 is just the place to grab some reading material on the go. 12 Head into space. Kids and … Read more on Illawarra Mercury

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