Sustaining the Village of Bomba, Belize with Safe Solar Powered LED Lighting

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Austin, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) March 24, 2011

Grid Earth (GEAR) is sustaining their promise to bring safe solar-powered LED Lighting to underdeveloped villages in hopes they never return to using harmful kerosene again. How? They provide a valuable worldwide outlet for the distant villages they visit to sell their handcrafted wares on their website as well as high quality “off the grid” type solar products.

Grid Earth’s recent trip in November 2010 to Bomba, Belize was a complete success, and they are proud to announce that the village is doing very well without using kerosene lamps. All the Solar Powered LED Lamps Grid Earth donated to the village are working without failure. The people of Bomba were additionally excited when Grid Earth purchased their fine wood bowls to sell on their website. Not only is the rare fallen hardwood for these beautiful bowls found in the jungle (with jaguars), but each artisan in the village hand carves the fallen wood to the shape the wood was meant to hold. A true work of polished art is left behind for clients to purchase and cherish for years to come. The sale of these handcrafted bowls helps to fund more trips as well as stimulates and sustains the economy of Bomba, Belize. Grid Earth will continue to buy and sell bowls from the distant village so the village has the money to grow and sustain their new lights.

In addition to Grid Earth’s mission of providing this worldwide outlet to the villages they visit and sustainability, they believe in educating the visitors to their website about superior off the grid type products for everyday use. Currently, Grid Earth hosts 4 main products: solar powered lamps for outreach groups, solar powered light bulbs, solar panel chargers, and solar backpacks. The GEAR Team has tested many products, and so far, they have found these specific products to live up to their standards in the field. Quality you expect when you invest in such a green product. When you buy from Grid Earth, they only want to hear about the glory. They urge you to visit their Grid Earth Store today. Like the handcrafted wares, your purchase helps to fund more trips to bring in safe lighting to the villages Grid Earth visits.

Grid Earth is also proud to announce that the village of Bomba will be hosting and helping the GEAR Team in March 2011 as they prepare to bring in more safe solar-powered LED lighting to 5 more villages in the Belize District. Grid Earth needs your support. Please visit their website and Donate to the Grid Earth Project OR purchase products at the Grid Earth Store.

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