Table placemats: amazing diy projects!

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Table placemats are both an aesthetic and practical addition to any household table. Placemats spruce up your table for parties and everyday meals. Whether your placemat is vinyl, cloth, natural wood or fiber, it will protect your table’s surface from scratches and other daily wear.

Keeping your placemats in good condition is a matter of routine maintenance. You can make your placemats look new by immediately caring for them after a meal. Many placemats clean up with a simple damp cloth, but when stubborn stains or problems arise, there are different ways to restore that new quality feel to the placemat material.  From using all-purpose cleaners for vinyl and plastic coated to soaking fabric placemats in liquid clothes detergent for 24 hours.

Purchasing new placemats for each occasion can be very costly, and finding the perfect placemat for your table can be a major headache at times. But there are lots of fun and cheap solutions to these problems.

You can make table placemats for your dining table in any color or theme you desire. It’s easy and quick, plus you can use different materials that are inexpensive and easy to find. Use your imagination and let your creative juices flow.  You can even make it a family activity.  Invite your children to help make paper placemats by drawing and coloring a picture on each one before it’s sealed.  These also make excellent gifts that most grandparents would surely love to receive, a true “work of art” that they will cherish.

You can recycle old road maps in a fun and useful way by making table placemats with them. Preserve fond memories of your family’s favorite vacation with maps of that special place.

Or make placemats for a birthday party using birthday wrapping paper. 

But a placemat’s life does not need to end when they are old and worn-out.  Table placemats can still be used in various craft projects, from purses to curtains. 

Fabric placemats, with its many design choices, can be sewn and made into purses that will go with any outfit and any holiday for pennies.  It can also be transformed into many useful home decor items, including window treatments.  Dark placemats are perfect if the purpose is to create window blinds that block light from coming in. Choose fabric placemats that are soft and can be sewn together easily to make one large panel to fit the window size.

Come to think of it, table placemats are amazing!

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