The Newest Bowls of Ramen in Town

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The Newest Bowls of Ramen in Town … as kuro ramen (you'll also find kuro ramen along with tsukemen at Kirimachi). Classic toppings of green onion, chashu, wood ear mushrooms and a soft boiled egg decorate each bowl. The noodles are made for Roku in San Jose. under Eat + Drink, Ramen … Read more on 7×7

Brass Accessories Ms. Karlin, 28, made liberal use of the material in her first furniture and accessories collection, which included brass-plated stools (in the form of supersize modernist chess pieces) and an ash wood dining table with brass edges and inlaid brass … Read more on New York Times

In pictures: London's 'deepest' Roman excavation finds Organic materials such as wood and leather were kept unblemished, including this section of Roman oak fencing, which survives to shoulder height. Unique Roman upholstered leather … sound as the horse moved. Pewter bowls and cups These 4th Century … Read more on BBC News

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