West Pingchen: Bamboo Weaving Industry To Take The Lead Increases

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Thunder in the machine, in the mountains of bamboo next to the workers there to open the machine, the next material, scraping article, playing bamboo, intense and orderly in the busy … … This is a moving scene in full swing, is I recently in Santai County, West Pingchen Sam Shing Estate, bamboo grass plant Chang Kai-seen scene. At present, the town such as this large-scale mechanization of the bamboo grass plant has two, there are more than 3000 hand-workshop. In 2006, the town bamboo straw production value of 9.4 million yuan, sales income of 400 million yuan.

In recent years, the West Pingchen fully mobilize the masses to use around their houses abound Neosinocalamus and skilled processing technology advantages, worthless of bamboo and grass to deep processing, mainly produces bamboo, Lo Dou, mats, drying seats, dustpan summarized Kei, straw hats, mats and so on more than 20 varieties of bamboo weaving products are sold to Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other seven provinces and regions, creating new economic growth point.

Hand-made bamboo household Lu just rely on bamboo weaving skills, this summer, played at the end of the first floor of a 300 square meters, buildings worth over million. He happily told reporters: “No town, and associations to help us open the market for, and we can afford to repair the buildings where oh.” Lu hair just where the Sam Shing Estate, there are more than 200 households are playing bamboo slack season, the village each year Bamboo 2 dozen thousand sheets, were flat increase the income of 200 yuan, to become known far and bamboo straw specialized villages.

It is learned that, according to the development prospects of bamboo weaving industry, and for the good situation of agricultural income, the West Pingchen Party committees and governments to support multi-association to grow bamboo grass, bamboo grass specialized households to provide prenatal, childbirth, postpartum services, the bamboo straw industry grow bigger, bamboo straw for this year’s output reached 1 million, the output value above 600 million, so the whole town of people this year, the income level for more than 150 yuan.

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