Winter Maintenance Is A Key Method Of Jiemi Four Floor Maintenance – Solid Wood Flooring, Bamboo

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Winter Floor Most in need of maintenance season. Here on the floor to introduce the maintenance of several ways.

Solid wood flooring Maintenance Points (1) the floor should be laid in the late construction, construction may not cross. As soon as possible after laying sanding and painting. So as not to stain the floor or to damp deformation.

(2) laying the floor before laying the scene should unpacking stacked in 1 to 2 days to adapt to the environment, so that expansion and contraction deformation after laying.

(3) laying damp proof measures should be prepared, especially in the more humid places the bottom. Measures moisture proof coating paint shop moisture film, using foreshadowing treasure so.

(4) the keel should be flat and firmly, should not use Cement Reinforcement, it is best to use expansion bolts, the United States and other solid nail.

(5) keel should use a strong nail holding power of larch, willow security, etc. Timber . Keel or gross floor moisture content should be close to the floor moisture content. Not too much distance between the keel, usually not exceeding 30 cm. Both ends of the floor should be implemented in the keel, not empty put, and the keel of each nail must be nailed. Not use water-based Glue Water.

(6) shop floor should not be too tightly, around the joints should remain adequate (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm), and not super-wide roll-out in case the occasion should be separated by a wide cut, then pressure copper Transitional.

(7) floors and rooms, bathroom, kitchen and other stone surface moisture junction isolation measures should be thorough.

(8) floor color is unavoidable, such as color have higher requirements, can be sorted in advance, to take a gradual transition approach to reduce the visual sense mutations.

(9) Avoid the use of water for irrigation to avoid prolonged sun exposure, air-conditioning blowing straight row, window office to prevent the rain, hit hard objects to avoid friction. To protect the floor, the paint can be waxed (to protect the floor from the point of view, waxing is better than the paint).

Bamboo flooring Maintenance Proper use and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of bamboo flooring, in recent years, as some users on the improper use of bamboo flooring, causing complaints from some quality issues arise, in this case, both the need for distributors or businesses engaged in good after-sales service, consumers also need to promote the use, maintenance of knowledge.

Bamboo flooring in use should note the following:

1, to maintain indoor humidity Despite

dried bamboo flooring, reducing the size of the changes, but because bamboo is a natural material, so that it will change with climate and humidity are deformed.

Case of the dry season in northern areas, especially the heater, the indoor temperature can be adjusted by different methods such as using a humidifier or put a basin of water heating, etc.; season in the southern region, China mold, windows open for ventilation to keep indoor drying.

This end, in the room to avoid exposure to the sunlight and rain water, In case of water should be dry in time.

2, to avoid damage to flooring bamboo flooring surface finish, avoid hard object impact, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on.

3, properly clean the floor in the course of daily use, keeping the floor clean, cleaning, clean and broom can sweep away, and then wring the mop delayed new look. If conditions permit, two to three months to play a floor wax, so better.

Soft Flooring Maintenance

Cork floor maintenance than other wood flooring is easy in use during daytime to avoid the sand to be brought into the room, individual sand into, it will not affect the wear and tear, so when the sand into, pressed into the foot and was pressed into elastic layer, when the pace to leave, will be ejected.

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