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I have always liked kids wooden toys right from being a five year old kid myself, running along on the back of a hobby horse pretending to be a cowboy from the wild west. As I got a little older other types of natural wooden toys were bought for me, either for my birthday or for Christmas, most of them were vehicles, transporter cars and the like.

Now that I’m a dad I like to buy these timeless natural wooden toys too. My daughter has had a child’s rocking horse, whereas my two sons have had wooden trains and cars. The great thing about this type of toy is that they will last generations if they are treated kindly and if they happen to break most of the time they can be repaired using spare parts bought from the master wooden toy maker, or if the part isn’t too intricate you can yourself make the part from a piece of wood.

What if they do break and can’t be repaired? Well at least they can be disposed of without having any adverse affects on the environment. They can be turned into wood chippings and used for pathways in the country or play areas for kids, or what about using them on borders to keep the weeds from growing? Even if the wooden toy ends up at landfill, which is very rare these days, it will degrade and have no effect on the soil and the environment.

I can say that I like all types of wooden toy, there is such a wide variety today and the choice is getting bigger by the day. As an alternative to plastic it can’t be beaten and very soon as plastic becomes more expensive because of rising oil prices and the environment issues concerning oil and its by product of plastic take effect, wood will no doubt become the number one material for making toys.

Wood can be intricately carved with today’s technology making the toys a lot more realistic, so much so that plastic molding and wood carving is generally on a par with each other. Not only does wood make a good robust toy it also has a reputation for lasting for generations and becoming an heirloom passed down from parents to child to grandchild.

Soon will all toys be made this way? Probably not, but wooden toys will be around long after oil and plastic has diminished, hopefully for as many years as wood has been used for making toys and that is over two thousand years.

Kids wooden toys are made to last generations and to be kind to the environment
Wooden rocking horses
Child’s rocking horse
Wooden rocking toys
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