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Roses have occupied a prominent position in literature for centuries. Most memorably displayed in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Roses are used as expressions for what we often can’t say that we love someone or care deeply for them. It’s not surprising that each color of a rose has a specific meaning. The red rose for example, means, love, courage, beauty, respect, and passion.

When you are contemplating sending roses to a friend and/or loved one think about purchasing wood roses as a wise alternative.These flowers are hand crafted one by one so no two are ever similar. Wooden roses are painted in a wide range of colors and unless you observe closely, sometimes you can’t determine whether or not they are the real thing. Scented mists that can be sprayed on wood roses can be a perfect substitute to the natural scent on the natural roses that may entice you.

The time honoured tradition of wood carving has always been a mode of expression in different cultures. Because roses are also given as ways to show ones feelings, it seems the most fitting that wood roses have become popular substitute to the real flower.

About fourteen hundred years BC wood carvings were frequently seen in Egypt. They were displayed in the form of royal images and the ceremonial furniture that resided in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Although the Greeks also used wood for their ancient sculptures, they rather preffered the use of bronze and stone. In contrast, wood carving was totally unknown in the cultures of Babylonia, Assyria, and ancient Persia. Wood carvings played a significant part in Europe; from the Romanesque to the baroque period, the hearts of Spanish sculptures were created from wood. And even when not used to construct pieces of art like sculpture, wood was widely used by many in the making of furniture, which is still true today.

A wood rose, like a meticulously crafted sculpture, is an exquisite piece of artwork. They are styled just like the genuine roses thus they can be bought with buds half opened or fully opened. Wood roses can also be carved into boutonnieres or used as centre pieces at special events like a wedding. Which ever way, everything is coming up roses when you make a selection.

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