Wood Splitters For Skid Steers

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Splitting wood has been done since the early days of history since wood is used for all kinds of heating purposes. It can heat a room with the use of a fireplace. It can heat a whole house with a wood furnace. Wood is even still used for cooking. In the past the only way to chop wood was with an axe. As technology developed people started using wood splitters because they were faster, easier, and a bit safer. Now people can take away almost all of the dangers involved with splitting logs by using their skid steer.

For those people who don’t already have a skid steer they may not be aware of what the product is. Basically it’s a vehicle that maneuvers in a certain fashion and can be used for all sorts of things such as digging, cutting and anything else a person could choose to do. Most of these operate by using different attachments for the front that allow users to accomplish a variety of tasks. Wood splitters in recent years have become on of these attachments.

Using a skid steer along with a log splitter has safety benefits not found with regular log splitters. This method is safer because a person doesn’t need to be directly near the blade. With a normal log splitter whether it’s electric or hydraulic the person splitting the logs needs to place the log into the splitter and in some models help push the log through the splitter. A skid steer lets a person skip that whole possibly messy process.

Instead, a skid steer will have the wood splitter attachment on the front of the vehicle. Once it is attached the driver can operate the splitter from the driver’s seat never having to get out. This reduces the chances of them being hurt by the blade because they aren’t directly interacting with it. It also means a person won’t have to lift heavy logs onto the machine because they are bringing the wood splitter to the log. This cuts down on potential back problems and yes, even splinters. The splitter attachment works by either lifting up the log as it cuts into or can be pressed down against the log so the blade goes through it.

These are also a great product because they are easy to use and can cut any size or strength log. Some models of a normal wood splitter aren’t strong enough to cut into heavier woods but a skid steer wood splitter will cut through almost anything. Their prices are even comparable to those of regular hydraulic log splitters, assuming the skid steer has already been purchase of course. The wood splitter attachments can be found for fewer than two thousand dollars and other accessories are available such as stands and wedges. Before anyone purchases a new wood splitter attachment, they should make sure that the attachment they are buying is compatible with their skid steer. In most cases they will be.

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