Wooden Bi Folding Doors

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Wooden Bi Folding Doors

Sliding and folding doors can be very effective solutions to interior spaces. As well as being aesthetically pleasing these types of doors are designed to maximise room spaces and can make a huge difference to both interior and exterior areas.

Why Choose Folding Doors?

A conventional door when opened will intrude into a room or hallway and use up a lot of the available space. This can create very cramped living conditions and you may not be able to open doors fully if essential room furniture is in the way.  Opening doors could also obscure the view and light from windows and this can make spaces look smaller and darker than they really are. This is where folding doors are so effective. Because the door folds away when opened it will not intrude into the room. This means you can open and close the door whenever you like without worrying about how it will affect the room.  Folding doors can look aesthetically pleasing and can also increase the structural character of the room improving living spaces and opening up areas to create a greater sense of light and space. If you have spent a lot of time and money on your interior design folding doors can help to show this off and will not put any of your furniture or decorations into the shade.

Utilise Your Space

Space is now a premium in the modern world of housing and commercial development and this means that many homes, flats and business premises these days are built on a smaller scale. Because of this it is very important that you are clever with the way you use interiors in order to make the most of the light and space available. Folding doors can be a very useful way of creating more space in a home or workplace whilst still retaining the soundproofing and security aspects of traditional doors. By choosing folding doors with glass panels you can increase the light and feeling of space in very small rooms.  Folding doors can also be made strong and secure to protect against the weather and also any potential intruders. This means they can be used for external doorways as well as internal ones.

Types of Folding Doorways

You can buy many different styles and designs of folding doorway. These include designs made from aluminium, wood and glass.  Wooden folding doors are versatile and available in a number of different finishes to match your home décor including beech, oak, pine and maple. Wooden Bi folding doors are a practical option as they offer a fully sliding section as well as a traditional door opening. This makes it easy to move around your home and adapt the door to suit your different requirements. Folding doors can also be used to create separate areas in open plan spaces. This means you can fold the doors right back when you want to open up the room and create a single living area and then close them again when you want to create separate spaces.

The versatility of folding doors makes them a practical and affordable option for your home design.

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