Yangshuo Become The Largest Production Base Of Bamboo Mat

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In 2007, Yangshuo County CPPCC mats industry to continue to offer advice and suggestions, the CPPCC proposal on promoting the rapid development of the bamboo mat industry. 2008 January to September, Yangshuo mats industrial output value totaled 140 million yuan, tax paid 2.02 million yuan. Bamboo mat production expanding employment, economic prosperity and increase their income to make a contribution.

Since the last century, since the early nineties, Yangshuo County CPPCC consecutive years on the development of industry and Yangshuo bamboo mat bamboo mat industry, production, management, marketing, and environmental protection put forward many proposals, such as “use of mountain resources to develop bamboo mat industry Proposal “,” section on the grape market, the proposal to open up bamboo, “and so on, these proposals have been the county party committee, the Government’s attention and adoption, and in accordance with the recommendations of the CPPCC adopted a series of measures to develop the bamboo mat production. After 10 years of development, bamboo mat industry has become Yangshuo County, special industries. The county town of Kowloon in Pak Sha Village, grape blessing town Wangcun, Campbell Township, Village, has developed a bamboo mat processing industry district, will a long time Campbell Township, Omura, flood Tamura transformed into mats processing industry, specialized villages. The mats manufacturer from the county in 1992, one to the current 155, the annual production of bamboo mat over 200 million copies, becoming the country’s largest production base of bamboo mats, the annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan, accounting for in the county 40% of rural industrial output, strong, and become the county town of the industrial economy “half.” Each of the county mats enterprises pay taxes to the state nearly 300 million, and arranged more than 8,000 of the surplus rural labor employment, but also the payment of wages of migrant workers annually to more than 2,000 yuan, a year alone in per capita income for the county’s farmers near 100.

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