Shake Hands with Machineries

In a simple terminology, every such thing that makes the work simpler and easier is machinery. A clock that helps you to get up early in the morning to a coffee machine that revitalizes your day, every thing is machinery. In fact in a way man is surrounded by machines. Apart from making the work easier for you, it also makes it quicker and faster. These are of special importance for almost all the industries be it the automobile, stone crushers, construction, or the paper industries. Machines have all of a sudden become your best friend and without it, your life simply seems difficult. Interestingly, your daily gadgets such as your mobile phones and...

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My Wedding Promise – Out of My Hands

I’m engaged to the most amazing woman I have ever met, and am the luckiest person to have met her and call her mine. She has literally brightened my life, brought challenges and achievements that I never thought possible, and shown me more unconditional love than is deserved. With that said, I most definitely believe that gays and lesbians, transgendered and intersexed, bisexuals and straights should be afforded the right to protect their families in all legal matters, health matters, school matters, and personal matters. When ancient man first fell in love, threw his woman over his shoulder, hauled her back to his “man cave,” and spent the rest of his days with her....

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