Quot;TM” sought after destination arouses concern about waste household appliances – appliance

“left the scrap business for appliances will flow Where? “Many are prepared to participate in TM to Activities of consumers questioned whether these waste appliances to be refurbished, or after being assembled into the market again? Movement of waste household appliances arouses concern Every city in Beijing, are scattered with some second-hand market, many of whom are a large number of second-hand home appliances, some from the outer look also belongs to new products, some vendors clearly told reporters that the surface appears to be new appliances, all through the assembly and refurbishment, the replacement for a shell Sell . Used appliances used for assembly of diverse origin, of which there are some from...

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Quot;Optical Valley” Big Three build the largest reorganization of laser companies – Reorganiz

About 3 times, about 5 years, “Optics Valley of China” Laser focused on the three M & finally settled. Clearly, laser industry has already become one of the top four of the Chinese workers Technology , Chutian Laser, Laser united together to form a new company, its size will exceed the Shenzhen Han’s Laser and “became the largest laser companies.” Together to enhance the competitiveness of the Big Three 1 13, the signing of the merger agreement restructuring the statement, the chairman of Sun Yat Chutian laser excited several times raising his voice: “Today is a milestone in China’s laser industry day will be shocked the world laser field day! “ According to reports,...

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Quot;Alternative” stationery toys so that students may not change Anson – toys, hot – the toy

“150 bags, writing case 88, 60 per cartoon pencil sets, automatic pencil sharpeners 55 yuan … …” look at this term to his son to buy stationery list, who lives in Wuhan city streets crossing the Miss Deng face frustration . Today, many simple and practical business stationery through the careful design, into a myriad of different, style novel, features many of the “toy of” stationery. Meet the learning needs is the bounden duty of stationery, but the dazzling face of the market “alternative” stationery, we have to ask, expensive stationery to the children bring? Student stationery is a trend of “entertainment” Cap decorated with a variety of cartoon images of the pen, light...

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